Code of Conduct for JAM 2018 Examination

All candidates appearing for the JAM 2018 Examination must comply strictly with the following Rules and Regulations:

o  Candidates appearing for JAM 2018 examination must carry their Admit Card and original valid photo-identity proof to the examination hall.

o  Biometric system of verification will be used. The candidate's finger-print will be captured before he/she takes the JAM 2018 exam. This captured data will be used for verification during the admission process. Hence, you should avoid any coating (ink, mehendi, henna, or tattoo) on your fingertips and have clean fingers during the examination day.

o  Scribble pads will be provided to candidates in the examination hall by the invigilators. The same should be used for all rough work. Candidates should write their name and registration number on the scribble pads. The scribble pads must be returned to the invigilators after the end of the examination.

o  Carrying of mobile phones (even in the switched-off mode), wristwatches and calculators inside the examination hall is strictly prohibited.

o  Carrying of any other electronic devices that can be used for communication or for any other purpose, and printed or hand-written textual materials, inside the examination hall is strictly prohibited.

o  All means of communication (verbal or otherwise) among the candidates inside the examination hall are strictly prohibited.

o  Candidates should not tamper with the computer and the related hardware provided in the examination hall. Candidates found to have tampered with these wilfully, will have their candidature cancelled summarily. In addition, appropriate legal action will be initiated against such candidates.

The JAM 2018 candidature of candidates found using unfair means and not in line with the code and ethics of the JAM examination may be cancelled. Their examination will not be evaluated, even if they may have been allowed to complete their examination. In addition, appropriate legal action may be initiated against all such candidates.